Did you know that over 90% of our homeowners are single mothers?
    Though our neighborhoods are comprised largely of women and children, they are also the population’s most likely to be affected by poor living conditions. Our Women Build events provide the opportunity for women to take a proactive step in serving other women in their communities. For our homeowners that are women, owning their own home allows them to build up their family's strength, stability, and self-reliance. Their mortgages are almost always lower than their rent, freeing up money for savings or even necessities they weren't able to afford before. Some women are even able to work on their college degrees and improve their careers due to the burden of financial stress being reduced. 

    Opportunities to work on Women Build projects are available to any woman who wants to learn how to build and construct a home. No experience is necessary. Volunteers work under the guidance of construction professionals, and also alongside other volunteers and future Habitat homeowners. Whether you are learning new skills or simply adding a few to your tool belt, this is a rewarding experience for all involved, and improves the community that you share.

    Women Build is also a terrific way to involve your friends and family of all ages in crucial work with a lasting impact. Women helping women sends a positive and powerful message. You can also come alone, and make new friends. The atmosphere is collaborative and friendly.

How does Habitat empower women?
    Our goal with Women Build is to empower women to help families build strength, stability and independence. We at Habitat have the ability to provide opportunities for hands-on learning, and given these tools, women can succeed in changing their communities.

Are men allowed?
    Yes, men are welcome. In fact, the future homeowner or part of the training staff may be men. Women Build provides a place for women to learn the skills needed to build a home, but that does not exclude men from participating.

Women Build
to help empower 
other women
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Women Build 2018
May 8th-12th

Women Build Kick-off is 
May 8th - 8:15 AM

1300 NW High St.
Independence, MO

Thank you for your participation and interest in Women Build 2018!          
Please contact Lindsay at lbrowne@trumanhabitat.org for info regarding Women Build 2019