The Missouri AHAP tax credit is used as an incentive for Missouri businesses and/or individuals to participate in the production of affordable housing. This state tax credit is earned by an eligible donor for the donation of cash, equity, services, or real or personal property to THHFH, thereby assisting in our mission of building homes, communities and hope. 

​THHFH Has Missouri State Tax Credits!
How to Obtain Missouri State NAP Tax Credit
You can choose where your tax dollars go in the State of Missouri by taking advantage of the AHAP tax credit. This tax credit directly reduces the amount of your income taxes by 55% of the amount donated to Truman Heritage Habitat for Humanity, while still making a charitable donation deduction for the full amount. The effect of this tax credit is that when you file your tax return, the government will have lowered your taxes by as much as 70%-80% of your donation.

You get to choose directly where some of your tax dollars are spent and you help Habitat for Humanity break the cycle of poverty housing in Eastern Jackson County. How can you do better than that?!

To be eligible, a Donor must be subject to Missouri tax from business activities performed in the state of Missouri. More specifically, a Donor must be classified as one of the following:
A corporation, a sole proprietorship, a farm operation, an individual reporting income from rental property or royalties, a small business corporation, a partnership, a bank, credit institution, savings and loan association, credit union, farmer’s cooperative credit association, or building and loan association, an insurance company, an individual partner in a partnership or shareholder in an S-Corporation or a public or private foundation. 
Who is an Eligible Donor
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